Web Design

If you are looking to start or already own a small business, I can help you create a bespoke and stunning website to draw in your audience.

Your website needs to stand out and not just on one device, but many, using the latest techniques in responsive design you can ensure even mobile phones will do your site justice

Technical Support

When it comes to maintaining an I.T system you can either be proactive and monitor it closely or be reactive and act when things go wrong. Both have pro’s and con’s and I’m happy to discuss the best options to make sure your system runs at its best at a price point you’re comfortable with.

IT Consultation

I.T can be a complicated place, full of acronyms and technical jargon used just to help make something simple seem far more Sci-fi. Salesmen tend to lean on this to help make a sale. I am here to help break down the technical lingo and put it into simple terms so you can make a well informed discussion and achieve a solution that works at a cost effective point.