The New Look

Once more (and this time its final) Avexi is updating its look with a new logo and design concept.

This time I followed the design process I undertake with any new client. Creating a scope, building a wire-frame model to test and finally sitting down and starting on the scripting to bring the design to reality.

From start to finish this design has been a few months in the making, using any spare time to jot down ideas and put them together. A normal web design project can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months (and sometimes even longer if more complex solutions are needed).

Using this as my stable branding I can now focus on expanding and start marketing myself a little better. Up until now I’ve used word of mouth and a few targeted approaches to local charities, small startup business and communities to help hon my skill and learn from the experience. If your looking for a new website, or want to update your current one then feel free to get in touch and we can start our creative journey together.

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